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Psmailer is the most advanced tool in the email marketing market. It has professional features available for every type of company, wether large or small.

With our sofisticated technology and more than 10 years of experience in the online marketing world, we allow users to create and send succesful email campaigns and newsletters at very low price and also obtain a complete technical support in two of the most important tasks in every company: attract new customers and communicate to the current ones.

About us

Psmailer is have been developed by a young and experienced team, company founded in 2001. After some years creating and developing e-commerce and marketing projects, PsMailer became the main product of our company, receiving the major part of our resources, but without abandoning the rest online disciplines. We keep developing sales clubs, online apps, e-commerces, web design, data minning, advertsing, payment gateways, facebook apps etc. Our objective is continue to know the market where our clients are and go one step farther.

We are always looking to create a big distribution network, wether in Spain, South America or all over the world. We want to be as close as posible to our client, offering a complete and qualified technic support, and always looking for the success of their campaigns.